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DeNatura Wellness


We are a highly trained and specialized team of wellness professionals with a common goal: to help promote the profound and life-changing benefits of mind-body wellness in the comfort and convenience of your office or home, so you can feel better, work smarter and live happier!

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About The Founder: Teba Orueta

Teba Orueta, B.A., LMT, YA-200, the Director of De Natura Wellness, began her  corporate career with Procter & Gamble and The Ritz-Carlton. After studying complementary health in Asia for 3 years,  Teba discovered her real purpose and passion for complementary health and has worked in this field since 2009. She founded DeNatura® Wellness in 2016.

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What makes Us Different


DeNatura® Wellness services foster engagement, loyalty, collaboration, health and positivity. Because 90% of physician visits and 50% of lost workdays are stress-related, consistent in-office wellness is key to employee and company health.


DeNatura® Wellness services positively impact and offset absenteeism, medical leave, high insurance costs, and opioid/prescription medication abuse. People using relaxation techniques are 43% less likely to visit hospital, order medical tests or need the ER.


Whether you need multiple therapists for an event, a weekly boardroom class, or a self-pay program, DeNatura® Wellness has you covered.


Trust our curated team of board-licensed, insured, and certified professionals who graduated top of their class and have years of experience and advanced certifications.


Many of us are ex-corporate executives who have turned to wellness as a way of life. This helps because we understand your challenges and adapt easily to your needs.

We take insurance:

We work with insurance carriers who offer wellness dollars, wellness days, and funded programs. We also bill insurance as out of network providers.

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Our services make the best experiential gifts and use of wellness budgets. Thank your best client, land a prospective account, celebrate a colleague, or motivate a team by gifting or raffling our services and workshops. 


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