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Geriatric massage is designed as a safe, drug-free alternative to assist in the treatment and management of aging. Not just “softer Swedish”, this is a tailored and carefully designed therapy to helps treat common effects of diabetes, arterial occlusions, strokes, heart attacks, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and effects of depression associated with the isolation and solitude of the aging senior. A regular weekly massage may be the best prophylactic to most of the problems of aging.


Some less active seniors can suffer from touch deprivation and loneliness. Geriatric Massage offers not only social interaction through touch, which can combat depression, but is also clinically proven to help increase blood & lymphatic circulation, release endorphins & enkephalins,  and increases alertness. Geriatric Massage can reduce or prevent damaging depression through the experience of touch.


Geriatric massage is specifically designed to safely apply touch-therapy to the aging senior. The massage is adapted to thinning skin, vascular considerations, medications being taken, cognitive alertness, and degree of pain and discomfort. Adaptations are made so that seniors using walkers, wheelchairs, or confined to a bed may still obtain the most benefit with minimal risk.

Geriatric Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbs


Please complete the attached health intake form and email it to us in preparation for your Geriatric or Senior Massage. It will help us personalize and prepare adequately to give you excellent service.

About Teba Orueta


Your are in good hands: Teba Orueta is a licensed massage therapist and a certified Daybreak Geriatric Massage Therapist. She also teaches the nationally accredited and certified Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute Program to healthcare providers in Florida and the Caribbean. This is the #1 recommended protocol for geriatric massage therapy nationwide.

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Teba began teaching adults in 1999, while working in the corporate arena, before fully shifting her career to wellness in 2005. A Florida Board-Licensed Massage Therapist and CE Provider, Teba’s relationship with Sharon Puszko and the Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute began in 2011. Teba’s interest in Geriatric Massage was encouraged as she became her parent’s care-taker and realized the gift of touch was one of the few things that gave them both comfort during their last months. Geriatric Massage has changed and truly impacted Teba’s and her family’s life. She is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of this modality with healthcare professionals worldwide so that it may gain the mainstream attention and dedication it deserves. Teba teaches primarily in Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean, while also directing her corporate wellness company, DeNatura Wellness, focused on stress management through on-site therapeutic massage, acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness, fitness and nutrition.

About Dr Marisol McManus, AP


Dr. Marisol McManus has been working with seniors for over 2 decades with excellent results. She is National Board Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM, with a Masters degree in 5 Element Acupuncture and licensed in the State of Florida. She holds certifications as a Chinese Herbalist, Medical QiGong practitioner, Acupuncture Detox Specialist (NADA),  Acupoint Injection Therapist, as well as several pain management therapies.


Guillermo O.

``Los masaje me han ayudado a movilizarme despues de mi cirujía y me siento muy bien. Me doy uno cada 15 días. La terapeuta es muy buena.``

Lydia B.

``Es un placer cuando viene la masajista. me ayuda a hacer mis ejercicios y toco el piano mejor cuando me hago el masaje. Muchas gracias``

Silvia D.

``I bring my Mother to see you at the clinic because she loves your massage. She feels so much better afterwards.``