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DeNatura Wellness

Prenatal • Labor Support • Postpartum Services

Nurturing services for the Mother-to-be


Receiving a treatment by a prenatal/postpartum certified professional is the safest way to care for you and your baby’s health and wellbeing. The techniques, positioning and recommendations are specific to the needs of the Mother by  trimester.


Prenatal and Postpartum treatments support IVF conception, reduce common pain and discomfort during pregnancy, support an easier, faster and more natural birth experience, and enhance recovery while reducing postpartum depression.


Prenatal treatments are an essential part of the Mother’s healthcare: from preventing nausea, fatigue and abdomino-pelvic pain, to stimulating nutrient circulation to the placenta, reducing swelling, and preparing the body, mind and soul for labor and motherhood.




Check-out our essential techniques and tips for ensuring your experience of Motherhood is smooth and filled with a sense of joyful expectation.

About Teba Orueta, LMT, YA-200


Your are in good hands: Teba Orueta is a specialized Certified Nurturing The Mother® and MotherMassage® Therapist and teaches the prenatal program to healthcare providers…

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… to healthcare providers in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. With a combined 10+ years experience in Fertility, Prenatal, Labor Support, Postpartum and Infant Massage Techniques, she teaches the nationally accredited and certified Nurturing the Mother® Program.  Teba has a nurturing touch and a passion for helping pregnant Mothers experience a natural and pain free pregnancy.

About Dr Marisol McManus, AP


Dr. Marisol McManus is National Board-Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM, with a Masters degree in 5 Element Acupuncture and licensed in the State of Florida. She holds certifications…

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… as a Chinese Herbalist, Medical QiGong practitioner, Acupuncture Detox Specialist (NADA),  Acupoint Injection Therapist, as well as several pain management therapies. As a Physician, she has a combined 20+ years experience in helping women get pregnant, ease discomfort during pregnancy and experience a healthier, less painful delivery. Her 5-elements approach takes into account not just the physical manifestation of pain, illness and discomfort, but also aims to uncover and treat the underlying emotional, psychological and environmental root-cause. Her wealth of knowledge and experience make her an invaluable reference.

Why Perineal Massage?

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Perineal self-massage may help reduce tears and episiotomies. Read more  HERE.  Download our step-by-step guide to perineal self-massage below in the “Resources” section.

Why Side-Lying?


Side-lying is the safest position to sleep for any adult and this is especially true when receiving massage during pregnancy. So how good or safe are these new…

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…“pregnancy massage tables” with large holes to fit the belly and be able to lay a pregnant mother face down?

Unfortunately, laying face down leaves the lower back unsupported and exacerbates the lumbar lordotic curvature. This is true for a normal adult, but when the adult happens to be pregnant this small detail becomes crucial.

Laying face down puts added strain on the lumbar curvature, which is further intensified by gravity’s push. In addition, the round ligament which is like a band hugging and holding the lower belly upright, is left to bear additional strain. Imagine adding to this, the weight of the spine and the Mother’s internal organs, pushing down on the growing belly… and a one-size fits all hole which doesn’t adapt to the different stages of pregnancy volume.

The beauty of the side-lying position, when bolstered correctly, is in its simplicity – it supports the low-back, alleviates the round ligament tension, allows for techniques for olio-psoas and hip flexor release and even supports a light passive elongation of the gluteals, which in turn relieves piriformis syndrome (the commonly experienced sciatic pain). Don’t put your anatomy or your baby at risk – seek out a Nurturing The Mother® trained specialist in prenatal massage who can properly and comfortably bolster you in the safe and effective side-lying position and give you the truly relaxing, de-compressing and expertly crafted prenatal treatment you and your baby deserve.


Pelin Munis - Miami

``You’ve been an extraordinary help to me during what has not been the easiest pregnancy experience for me. Finding and working with you has given me much relief!! Thank you!! I’m really grateful. You will help so many people and they will get to learn about you! A hidden gem I feel.``

Jimena Z.

``I cannot recommend Teba, Marisol and the rest of the team enough! They are truly amazing. I started getting prenatal massages and acupuncture with the team at DeNatura early in my pregnancy as I was suffering from a lot of ankle/foot swelling. Each session was amazing and not only got rid of...

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…my swelling but also was incredibly relaxing. As I got closer to my due date, the massages really helped soothe my aching muscles and prepared me for labor. I look forward to continue going to sessions even now that the baby is here and my body has different needs.”

Johanna Castillo - Miami

``Me sentó súper bien el masaje: el dolor del área donde tenía todo el peso de la panza se alivió bastante... ¡me gustó mucho y pienso volver a hacerme otro masaje pre-natal contigo pronto!``


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