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Acupuncture can help with Chronic Anxiety

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Acupuncture can help with Chronic Anxiety

Here’s a paradigm shift: in ancient China, Acupuncture was used as preventative medicine and traditional doctors of acupuncture would only get paid provided their patients maintained health. How our world has changed!

A recent study showed that chronic anxiety can be treated with Acupuncture more effectively than with traditional pills. Read about it HERE.


Medicine has come a very long way and our life expectancy has greatly increased in the past century. I do believe we owe much of that to the tireless efforts of investigators trying to find cures and solutions for disease. And yet…have we crossed a line, of late, into the realm of the quick-mindless-fix? How long do we spend understanding what has gotten us to this place of “dis-ease” in the first place? How often to we take pause to contemplate and try to figure out what we have changed in our schedule, our food intake, our thought process…  to get us to this breaking point? We often blame our doctors for recommending pills or for not spending enough time understanding why we feel the way we feel. And that may be true. However, we own our body, our health and our life. So it would only be natural to think that we must be the bearers of the answers… if only we took the time to look deep at the cause, and not just treat the symptom.

Ahhh…so true and yet so difficult to implement in this crazy world we live in! So when the going gets tough and we need some outside help, why not get creative and consider that we have a choice as to what path to take? An alternative or complementary medicine path? Acupuncture is a non-invasive way to help our mind and body take stock of what is going on. That is perhaps why in these randomized studies, Acupuncture does so well in significantly improving chronic anxiety. Might it be that it allows us the space and time for that introspection, where we can discover the answers and solutions ourselves?…food for thought.



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