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Self-care during a move

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Self-care during a move

The stress of moving affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. Cleaning out, discarding and possibly moving heavy items and furniture, can throw out our back and joints. As we prepare to pack items, we come across items that ellicit memories, some of the sad, painful or contentious, and working towards the deadline of the move can keep us up until the wee hours. and the anxiety generated by the upheaval of a move can throw us for a loop. Practicing self-care before, during and after a move is key. Here are some ways how:
Before a Move: 
  1. Practice gratitude the evenings before your move: Moving closes a chapter in our lives, and for some it can be a very emotional experience. What things, people, events brought you personal growth, joy, learning, in the place you are leaving behind? Sitting down to think about these and write them down is a great way to calm/re-wire the anxiety you may have, and allow you to close the chapter peacefully. *Top-tip: journal or write them down in small pieces of paper you save in a box or jar to be reopened and read at Thanksgiving or New year’s Eve in your new home.
  2. Schedule Acupuncture: For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped people cope with stress, anxiety and pain. Moving can be all of that and more. Keep our body and mind well-tuned prior to a move so that you approach the deadline in the best possible shape. *Top-tip: schedule a massage or SPA day in advance for a day or two after you’ve moved.
  3. Eat clean: Try to up the ante on your green veggies, mushrooms and fruit intake. What you eat affects your mood and your sleep. Don’t sabotage yourself by snacking on junk food as it will directly affect your ability to cope with the anxiety of the upcoming days.  *Top-tip: try going to sleep and waking up at the same time for a few weeks to keep your sleep schedule balanced and wear an eye mask if your shades or blackout blinds have already been removed.
During a Move:
  1. Make time for a hot bath with Epsom salts – which penetrate through the skin to relax contracted muscles and tissues. Consider adding essential oils of Lemongrass or Bergamot  to lift your spirits. You’ve been packing, so self-care is essential during this time. If you don’t have a bath, ask a friend of family if you can use theirs while you are moving.
  2. Visualize Open Space: A move is a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter and “Make room”, both literally and figuratively. Visualize the new opportunities you want to welcome into your life as you transition into this new space. Write them down. Put them somewhere you may easily see  (fridge, wallet…) and remember them as you begin to pack. *Top-tip: Take this opportunity to create new healthy habits in your upcoming home: for example, vow to remove the TV and electronics from the bedroom to create a sleep sanctuary your new home.
  3. Hire a Space organizer: Space Organizers are all the rage these days.  Whether an external service or a family member who is really good at  it, get someone to help you unpack and organize yourself in your new space with peace of mind, order and logic. leaving un-opened boxes piled up in a corner or living off suitcases can be more stressful than the move itself. The sooner everything is unpacked and organized, the better. *Top Tip: get Cedarwood coat hanger discs and douse them in lavender essential oil.  This will not only keep bugs and moths away from your clothes, but also help create an ambience of peace through Aromatherapy.
After a Move:
  1. Schedule a Massage…or 2! Once everything is moved and while you are unpacking, it is important to increase your oxytocin levels. This feel-good hormone keeps stress and anxiety at bay and elicits feelings of love and joy. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to also treat any aches or pains that came about from the packing and heavy lifting. *Top-tip: Contact the American Massage therapy Association or the State Massage Therapy Association of the state you are moving to for a list of high-quality local practitioners.
  2. Schedule a healthy meal delivery service: Cooking in your new space may be a challenge in the early stages of unpacking. We know nutrition directly affects our mood, ability to sleep and energy levels so don’t resort to eating out of a bag or box. Have a healthy meal service in your area deliver prepared meals with the right micronutrients and antioxidants.
  3. Re-energize the new space: A clean space goes beyond removing dust and grime.  Whether you believe in angels, spirits or energy, we may not know what arguments, negative people and unsightly events took place with previous owners or tenants.  So, hire a cleaner to work double duty on dust and grime the week you’ve moved in. Then open all the windows, get some sage or PaloSanto wood, and while it burns, walk around every inch of your new home visualizing any negativity leaving the home through the open doors and windows and welcoming freshness, positivity, warmth and love coming in. *Top-Tip: Put a couple of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil drops on your pillow case before bedtime to get a good nights sleep in your new bedroom.

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