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Creative Ways to Build Community

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Creative Ways to Build Community

Zoom Happy Hour? Check!

G-Meet Group Meeting? Check!

BlueJeans Strategic Team Roundtable? Check!

Is this really all there is?


Building community and team spirit among your peers, colleagues and staff needs an operational overhaul. How do we do this in a way that is novel, fun, and exciting?


Sometimes “taking a breather” is all you need to master a task. Take, for example, learning a new dance move, manual task or math concept.  You practice, practice, practice… and sometimes it doesn’t sink-in until you “sleep on it”, or take a purposeful break. Bam! the next time  you try to execute you feel like a pro.


So…get  your team talking to each other and “playing” at things that have nothing to do with their latest work project.  Before you know it, your activity will soon start drawing metaphorical, yet obvious, parallels with their work tasks. They will find creative, out-of-the-box references and haphazard solutions to the challenge at hand; whether it has to do with the brand, the campaign, or the project that brought the team together in the first place.


Think “coffee-break” or “golf-match”.  Often, the best deals, ideas and solutions come up during the coffee break, or the golf-match. Help your team socialize, create cohesion, exchange concerns and seek solutions in an open-culture environment, where they can all bond over positive momentum.


What can it look like? Here are some specific team-building activities that may have nothing to do with your business needs or challenges, but with proven success at creating the breeding ground for focus, creativity, concentration and problem solving.


1) “Twister” from home: We’ve all heard the benefits of stretching, breathing and being in the moment with a given task. But how many people on your team actually feel comfortable doing it regularly (as in 3-4 times a week)? Create a “Twister” style approach to movement and playing like a child from home.  Approach stretching and breathing like a game of Twister, using color coded dots on the floor. This problem-solving Hack is sure to get your team moving, laughing, and “connecting the dots” in more ways than one. The benefits of Stretching, Breathing, and Mindfulness will seep into the game like nobody’s business.

2) “Fit-Relax” challenge. Working from home often results in hours of sitting and much less movement than we are organically built to withstand. Get everyone motivated to move more and harness energy for positive thoughts by creating a movement challenge that involves our virtual Fit-Relax classes. Shake the day’s pileup by getting the blood and hormones flowing with this winning combination of easy-to-do-from-home-without-gym-equipment-moves, followed by gentle and deliberate relaxation techniques to rejuvenate and slow down the heart.  This team-building class can be combined with a 10 or 21-day eating challenge to really rev things up!

3) Sleep Sanctuary. Capture the heart and mind of your staff by inviting DeNatura® Wellness to your next virtual team meeting. We will showcase an out of the box concept like How to Eat for Better Sleep, How to Adjust your Work-from-Home Desk to Eliminate Neck & Shoulder Strain, Top 10 Wellness Habits for a Better Love Life, and many more. We create out-of-the-box wellness masterclasses that refresh body, brain and heart. You get to reap the results with a renewed team better equipped to resolve company challenges.


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