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Essential oils for cleaning and laundry?

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Essential oils for cleaning and laundry?

Many people ask me what essential oils they can use at home…and for what?  Here are 3 ways that may inspire you!
  1. I re-wet my cedar wood closet hangers with cedar wood essential oil or lavender essential oil to prevent moths from eating things up (instead of those pesky and toxic commercial moth balls)
  2. I bought 2 wool balls for the tumble dryer. They are a natural way to cut down on drying time and fluff up even feather pillows and duvets. (Look for them at Farmer’s Markets, online or at your local Marshalls). I put 3 or 4 drops of my favorite oil on the balls and they infuse the clothes during the cycle with a natural scent (goodbye synthetic perfumes). They also prevent fabric softener gunk getting into clothes and ruining your machine (notice the black gunk that builds up in your washing machine laundry powder/softener drawer? That’s from the fat/oil that the softener has that coats the clothing – and can then make the clothes smell stale when kept in the closet for weeks unworn).
  3. I am cutting down on the sea of household cleaning products in my closet and reverting back to good old water, vinegar, baking soda and peroxide. They do the trick marvelously, are far more natural, and impact our wellbeing positively. But I know they don’t smell the greatest. Enter essential oils: I add a few drops of pine, lemon, grapefruit or whatever oil I am in the mood for to the mop bucket or the sprayer and voilà… my house is sparkling clean and smells divine! I’ve also started buying unscented castle soap and adding my own essential oils depending on what I am in the mood for or what I want each part of the house to smell like.
 “Therapeutic-grade” oils are have the highest grade of distillation and can be consumed internally and applied topically on the skin and/or inhaled without risk or allergy. This is quite rare – most oils out there are perfume oils and cannot be ingested or used topically on the skin.
I personally use YoungLiving and DoTerra brand oils. If you are interested in getting started on using them at home, email me at
If you are an expectant Mom or have small children and want the best for them, consider what you are using in the bath and on their skin. Aside from smelling the product to see if you like it, do you know what’s in it? Does it have mineral oils? do you know if the scent is from synthetic perfumes?  Do you understand every ingredient on the label? Check out  Young Living’s Baby line of products made with their therapeutic grade essential oils and FREE FROM MINERAL OILS – safe for babies, for regular daily use and with benefits for the entire family. You’ll be looking forward to bath-time like never before!

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