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Spring Come She Will

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Spring Come She Will

May this new beginning soothe your soul, caress your tired brain.

May the legend that inhabits the weary corners of your spirit bloom in full force gale.

May no evergreen hurl a big, long shadow and overcast your month of March.

May you come stomping out from the dugout of this crown of thorns.

May you help others and respect yourself in wanton times.

May your precarious gait stumble upon a new-found stride.

May this vernal equinox gift you renewed horizons.

May incoming clarity attest your grace.

May you find your loved ones in good health.

May your every wish come true and then some.

* To celebrate the coming of Spring in these trying times, the entire team at DeNatura® Wellness does not want to sell, or instruct, or recommend anything, just send good vibrations and our best wishes to our clients, corporate patrons, suppliers… truly to all humanity. To you all, bless you.


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