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Yoga & Meditation drastically reduce hospital visits

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Yoga & Meditation drastically reduce hospital visits

The first time I ever did yoga I didn’t “get it”… All I could think was “90 minutes of this???!!!” … and even worse, I anticipated falling asleep (and maybe even snoring!) in front of everyone at the end, in that oh so comfy laying-down pose. But everyone harped on about it, and even my friend’s Father seemed to be benefitting from it after work. She would swear he came back home a “nicer guy”. So I kept trying, whether out of competitiveness or sheer stubbornness, intent on also feeling what everyone else seemed to have discovered but me. I am glad I kept trying because I did eventually find a teacher who opted out of running through pretzel-like poses and instead took the time to explain, connect, and guide. And guess what: I started to feel like I might be “getting it”…if only a little. Something was beginning to make sense.

I found myself slowly incorporating little things into my daily life… especially in the car when I noticed that once again I was enraged at the person who just cut me off or drove like it was 3PM on a leisurely Sunday…when in fact it was rush hour. I found myself in the bathroom stall at work practicing some of it after having a less than optimal work outcome or colleague interaction. Surely, there was and still is something to this.

Finding this Huffington Post article on Yoga & Meditation sums up so many of the wonderful benefits and data-driven research results that support the regular practice of yoga and meditation. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


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